Omni Modern Gallery is a board curated exhibition space dedicated to re-imagining  the viewer/gallery relations. Located on the second floor of building 01 at BigMediums Canopy complex. We are interest in supporting contemporary artist from around the globe at studio 226 and on our URL gallery.


Our private art sales are structured to provide an intimate and informative experience for collectors/enthusiast. To make an appointment email us at


To inquire about studio space or rental email:


Curatorial Group


Whitley Stratton

Event Coordinator


Adam Gutierrez

Media Director


Paulina Mendoza

Program Director


Tyler Robarge

Gallery Director

@ Big Mediums Canopy Complex

Building 01 studio 226

916 Springdale Rd

Austin,TX 787o2

Email -

phone - (210)-410-3633

intagram - @omni_modern

twitter - @the_omni_modern